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Fixed Price Funerals

Over the years, we’ve noticed one way we can help families is to offer a fixed price funeral option. This is to suit those just wanting something simple, not necessarily requiring a full funeral service. It may be more like an intimate farewell with close family and friends perhaps.

Our fixed price option:

Direct Cremation Service from $2050 GST inclusive

Note: This Direct Cremation Service is designed to align with current WINZ grants. This means that no further personal payment may be required.

As part of our fixed price funeral option, we’ll take care of cremation, and all of the legal requirements. Firstly, we will arrange a transfer from the place of death to our premises. We then secure all necessary documentation from the doctor and dress them in clothing provided by the family. After placing him or her into a simple cremation casket, the person is then taken to be cremated. The ashes will then be returned to the family. If you would like to bury or scatter the ashes, you’ll find more information on our Burial & Cremation page. Following cremation, the Death Certificate will also be arranged by our staff and delivered to you. If you would like to spend time with your loved one, this can be arranged as well. We will make our lounge available to family and friends to spend time with the deceased prior to cremation. If you are interested in our Direct Cremation options, get in touch with our team for more information.

Ever thought of a Prepaid and Prearranged funeral?

More and more people these days are planning funerals in advance, either for themselves or someone else. Pre-planning and prepaying for funerals lessens the stress and financial burden for their families during a stressful time.


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